Selikor invests in the most cutting-edge equipment in the field of waste disposal, which allows you to safely dispose of all types and volumes of waste your business produces.

Wheeled Containers
Our traditional wheeled containers are great for businesses and events that generate low to moderate volumes of waste. The wheeled containers can be easily moved to accommodate your set-up and are made from sturdy and durable material. Selikor offers wheeled containers of 660 and 1000 liter capacity, which are the most popular sizes. The containers are delivered ready to use and are emptied based on the needs of your business, making sure you can always safely dispose of the waste generated by your business.

Waste Compactors

Our waste compactors are perfect for businesses that generate high volumes of waste, but don’t have the space for conventional wheeled containers. Our easy to use waste compactor compresses the waste and reduces the volume by up to 75%, allowing more waste to be collected. Compressing the waste also means that the odor is kept to a minimum. That’s not only great news for our environment, but it’s also fantastic news for business owners. Free up valuable space, eliminate odor and keep the surrounding area clean with our top of the line waste compactors. Our waste compactors can be rented in various sizes, ranging from 7m3 up to 15m3. The compactors are delivered ready to use and are emptied as soon as they are full, making sure you can always safely dispose of the waste generated by your business.

Construction & Industrial Waste Containers

For businesses operating in construction and industrial production, Selikor offers equipment that can handle large quantities of waste, allowing you to keep to your schedule and help you run your business smoothly. Our construction & industrial waste containers are made from quality metal and come in different sizes, ranging from 6m3 up to 20m3. Depending on your business needs and the type of waste generated, we offer containers with or without a lid and flexible rental periods.

Portable Toilets

When nature calls, our portable sanitation systems provide the best relief! Whether you're remodeling your business, organizing a large scale corporate event or want to give your construction workers a clean and safe work environment, we have a portable toilet to suit your needs.

Selikor offers a wide variety of models. Click here to find the right one for your business.

Sweeping Machines

At Selikor, we know that providing a great customer experience goes beyond exceptional service and reliable products. A clean and safe environment is crucial to the overall customer experience. In addition to adequate waste management and disposal options, your parking lot and warehouse needs to be spotless as well. Our "Quick and Quiet" Princess sweeping machine, nicknamed 'Baridó', is perfect for keeping your surroundings squeaky clean. Our Baridó is always a favorite at corporate parties and other events that require fast and easy clean-up.

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