Selikor is the leading waste management company on the island. However for our clients we not only manage waste, we also help them manage their time and costs. To do this, we use the services of a very strong but "Quick and Quiet" Princess. Maybe you know her older sister already from Carnival or from the streets of Punda. Nevertheless we are proud to officially present "QQ" Princess to you. Her name is 'Baridó'. She is our sweeping machine that cleans quickly and quietly without missing a spot.

Now you are definitely wondering what our Princess can do for you. Our Princess can clean the parking lot of your company leaving behind a very nice view for your customers. She can also clean your warehouse. The cleanliness will increase the productivity of your personnel.

Are you planning to throw a big party? No problem. After the party Selikor’s Princess will clean all trash and within minutes your parking lot will be in top shape, ready to receive your clients the next day.

They say time is money, so when you save time you save money. And why waste when you can save.

For more information or to make a reservation please contact us at (5999) 434-1300 or click here to send us an email.