It's not just about picking up the trash

After collection, waste is transported for recycling, processing, or disposal. Waste transportation occurs efficiently, safely and without negative environmental impacts by an adequate and modern fleet in order to achieve efficiency and a high level of safety. As such, Selikor continuously invests in transportation equipment in order to meet European standards and to maintain a high level of quality service. With over 85 vehicles our fleet of specialized waste collection vehicles offers a fast, reliable and competitive service to our customers.

Selikor operates a policy of continuous improvement in terms of route planning and data capture technology to ensure our service operates to maximum efficiency for both our customers and our own business. In the near future our vehicles will be equipped with a GPS tracking system to determine the precise location of the vehicles and to record their position at regular intervals. The recorded location data will be transmitted to Selikor's planning department at the head office and the information will be used to meet the needs of each customer group and to ensure efficient, consistent and superior service.

Garbage Collection Trucks

Our fleet of collection vehicles consists of rear loading garbage trucks with semi-automatic tipping system. The trucks have a lifting mechanism to automatically empty wheeled containers without the operator having to lift the waste by hand.


Sweeping Machines

The newest addition to the Selikor fleet is a modern sweeping machine equipped with water tank and sprayer to loosen particles and reduce dust. The brooms gather debris into a collection area from which it is vacuumed and pumped into a collection hopper.


Dump Trucks

After the waste collection trucks unload their load of garbage and deposit the waste into the landfill, waste compactors and bulldozers are used to spread and compact the waste, then it is time for the dump trucks to do their job.


Grapple Trucks

Selikor’s grapple trucks are commonly used during the free monthly collection of bulky waste which Selikor provides for each neighborhood along with the collection of yard waste and other bulky items upon payment of a fee.


Vacuum Trucks

With this vehicle we can remove all kinds of bulk liquid waste from any kind of container including grease traps and septic tanks. Whether you require a one-off service or a regular program we can deliver the service you need.


Heavy Equipment

Bulldozers, front-end loaders, compactors and additional heavy equipment are a necessity for a successful waste processing center. Our heavy equipment fleet handles over 143.000 tons of waste each year produced on the island.


Roll-on-Roll-off Trucks

The roll-on-roll-off trucks are used to transport the volume containers and the waste compactors. The trucks have built-in ramps which allow the volume container or waste compactor to be efficiently "rolled on" and "rolled off" the truck.


Clean-up Carts

Although they may not be a larger piece of waste management equipment, Selikor's specially designed clean-up carts are a vital part of keeping the streets of Curaçao clean and environmentally friendly.